The Story of the Really Silly Farmer (Entrepreneur, Musician, Etc)

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This is the story of a silly farmer.
Actually, this person is not a "real" farmer yet, but wants to be one.
You may have met someone like this farmer, or you may even be this future farmer.
To protect the innocent, we will call our farmer-to-be, "Pat".
Pat is a regular person, just like you, or I.
One day, like many, Pat decides to start a business.
Now this wouldbe Pat's very first business, and Pat did not exactly grow up with a silver spoon in the mouth, if you know what I mean.
Pat decides to tell everyone in town all about the new business soon to be started.
Pat tells friends, family and even other existing farmers to get ready, because this is going to be HUGE.
Pat has come up with an idea that will revolutionize the farming industry and is SURE everyone will want to buy the new produce.
Pat is actually bewildered why no one has thought of this or attempted this before as it will make MILLIONS and is yet, so obvious.
Pat has saved as much money as possible, but only is able to come up with a very small amount.
The amount Pat has, is a lot less than one would normally expect to pay to start a farm, but that does not stop Pat from being self-confident.
Thinking positively, (and being proactive and not letting "negative people" dampen spirits),Pat decides to take all the money available and use as down payment buy a plot of land anyway.
After buying the land, Pat has enough money to buy only one packet of seeds and one shovel from the general store.
Mind you Pat is venturing into the Farming Industry for the very first time, so with the exception of outside observance, Pat doesn't have much inside knowledge.
However, Pat DOES have a great idea, and feels that is more than enough, I mean after all, each of the greats like Edison, Einstien, Gates and Bezos all started with just an idea...
didn't they? Pat is ready to start, but is now getting a little concerned.
Pat realizes one packet of seed and a shovel is really not enough to get this idea going.
Pat does NOT have money to get anything else, but has already invested everything.
Plus its a super-cool idea, and it would be a shame to not bring it to fruition, people NEED THIS...
ultimately Pat's program could END WORLD HUNGER..
if only Pat could get it off the ground.
Pat begins asking people if they want to "invest".
Pat finds that there are 2 kinds of people.
The first are people who are NOT investment savvy.
They agree Pat has its a great idea but only have a few hundred dollars or so to give...
they also bring nothing to the table as far as experience, connections or resources.
Pat is rarely asked many questions by these inexperienced "investors", and definitely never any challenging ones.
These people are willing to work out any terms that sound reasonable, especially since Pat is "guaranteeing" this is going to be a hit.
These are people just like Pat.
They work a day job and think the "idea" is great and "know" it will be the next big thing and want to be a part of it.
Unfortunately for Pat, a few hundred dollars will not even begin to touch what Pat knows is needed to launch.
The second type are people in town "with money".
These are people who make and keep money, and therefore are pretty savvy about it.
Most people (without money) are of the opinion these "rich" folk can "afford to" do certain things with their money, even if its a loss.
However, no one realizes the whole REASON they have money and others do not, is because they do not just arbitrarily spend it, even if "they can afford it".
They are wise and only spend or "invest" money if its going to bring them more money in the end.
They are not in the habit of giving lesser privileged people money, just "because they can".
Pat is a sociable person, so Pat has no problems getting meetings with these rich movers and shakers in town.
Pat pitches them on the marvels of the new idea and how its going to make "somebody" a boatload of money.
Pat says "if necessary, I can get you a full business plan by the end of the week.
" Ironically, Pat is rarely asked for a fancy business plan and always asked the same questions by the savvy guys: "How much money do you have available?"Pat replies "well I spent x,xxx on buying the land, a pack of seeds and a shovel and thats all I have" "What kind of experience do you have in the Farm Industry?"Pat says "None, but I have watched plenty of farmers, and some friends of mine own a farm, so I know how it all works" "What other businesses have you successfully launched in the past?"Pat answers "This is my first attempt at a business" "Who else is on your team?" Pat tells "It is just me for now, but if I could just get the money, I can hire whoever is needed" "What is your exit strategy for the investors?"Pat goes "Huh?" Pat realizes these are inadequate answers, so then goes back into telling how GOOD the IDEA is, and the fact that Pat will work 24/7 to make this work.
It's Pat's Dream, all Pat needs is for someone to believe enough in Pat and to just "give Pat a chance".
Since Pat does not have any relatives or close friends who will fund Pat based on the relationship and wanting to help out, Pat never gets the funding and doesn't understand why.
Pat realizes there were not answers to SOME of the questions, but in Pat's mind all the important stuff was already figured out .
Even a great idea on how to market it through a joint venture with Wal-Mart! Pat tries the bank, but they want collateral, which pat has nothing but the farm itself, and that is newly financed.
Pat even goes to work and asks the boss to invest, figuring that would be a sure thing, but no go there either.
Frustrated, Pat gets on the internet and ends up on some forums for small business owners.
Pat decides to tell the story and see what kind of advice comes up.
Most of the advice is encouraging words from people saying "GO FOR IT!" & "YOU CAN DO IT!" Most of the people answering though are also trying to start a business for the first time, and either have not been successful or exaggerate their success.
They give a lot of "ideas" and "opinions" but nothing that really helps as they themselves have little experience.
Then a couple of long-time business owners, coaches and/or consultants come on and give Pat the real deal.
They do not sugarcoat the issue and give pat some strong advice.
Pat doesn't like what is said, but realizes deep down, they are the only ones who care enough to tell the truth.
Pat realizes that if instead of leaping out there, had gotten help from a coach or mentor in the beginning, maybe the business would actually be running right now.
Pat brushes those thoughts off, because they do not matter now.
Pat just wants answers on how to get this business going, and will keep looking until the answer is found.
So Pat tells everyone "I am doing this no matter what!" Pat asks "So what can I do to get this thing going?" One business owner asks in response: "what is your budget?" Pat replies...
"I don't know, whatever it takes I guess" Business Owner:"That's not a real answer, ballpark how much you have available" Pat:"well, I don't know, I don't have one really" Business Owner: "How much can you come up with" Pat: "Maybe $100" Business Owner:"That is not anywhere nearly enough" Pat:"Well I figure I will just start small, and test it out, and if it works out, I will be happy to put more in.
I am going to plant this pack I have and go from there.
I obviously have to do this by myself...
you all will see - I'm gonna make it!" Business Owner: "Uhm, OK - well good luck with that" We all see Pat's dilemma.
This was Pat's problem from the beginning.
Not really understanding the true meaning of "starting small".
Pat does NOT understand the basics of farming, or the universe for that matter.
Pat wants to get before giving, wants to harvest and reap, before planting and sowing.
Pat wants to put one seed in the ground, and somehow get enough back to plant many more.
Pat wants to turn a buck into a million.
Pat is confused and outright ignorant about life.
NOTHING, and I mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, gives before putting into it.
Bunny Trail:Sometimes I talk to teenagers, and young girls are crying because they are pregnant at such a young age.
"How could this happen??" they say.
Well, uhm..
a seed was planted, and now a little human is growing inside you.
If you are a female, let me tell you in case no one else has:there is a 100% fool-proof way to avoid getting pregnant and having a child grow in your womb..
never allow a seed to be planted.
But I digress back to our topic: In the same vein, there is a 100% fool-proof way to never get your business or money to grow: ...
never plant a seed.
Now there are a lot of variables to this seed planting thing.
You may have heard "It takes money to make money".
Well that's true to an extent, but its not 100% accurate.
Better to say: "It takes resources to make resources.
"In part 2 I will explain the 3 main resources and how you can use them to reproduce each other.
Here are some things to remember.
RULES FOR GETTING A HARVEST 1) You must plant seeds (sow, invest) before you can get a harvest (reap, return) 2) The measure you use to plant, will determine the measure you get back.
Plant a little, get a little.
Plant a lot, get a lot.
3) The ground you plant (where you put it) will have a huge impact on your harvest, for good or bad.
(Planting a lot in bad ground, brings back little) 4) Before harvest (return), you must cultivate (work, incubate) your seed (investment).
Do not expect an immediate return, it takes time.
Just keep watering and fertilizing...
and wait.
5) You must protect your seed (investment).
Weeds, bugs, and rival farmers will harm your crop BEFORE harvest time.
6) Gathering the harvest takes just as much work as planting and cultivating.
If you do not collect your harvest, either someone else will or it will simply rot.
If you are in a situation similar to Pat, know this:You determine what you get by what you invest.
If you are "waiting to see what happens", you are wasting your time.
Forget about it.
You are only asking for hurt and frustration.
When you plant a little, you only get a little.
And if you plant VERY LITTLE, then you do not even get back what you put in.
One of my companies motto's is:Success happens...
but only on purpose.
After 15 years of meeting literally 100s of Pats, I have yet to see it work any different.
Now on occasion people may see someone that LOOKS like a Pat...
someone who didn't have a lot of money...
then suddenly it seems they "made it".
Rest assured, they planted first.
The reality is they had (or acquired) resources.
Money is 1/3 of the 3 primary resources.
In Part 2 of this article I will talk about exactly that.
Please do not lull yourself into thinking somehow it will be different with your situation.
It won't.
Maybe you think I am mean for saying that, but it would be no different if you felt somehow the law of gravity didnt apply to you and decided to walk off the roof of a 30 story building.
I would say..
don't do it, you will die, you will fall to the ground...
like everyone else...
despite how much you "believe" it will be different.
It's not mean..
its life.
The Law of Reaping and Sowing was one of the first on the planet, it doesn't change for anyone.
Not even for the Pat's of the world.
Of course, I won't end it like that...
almost sounds like there is no hope.
the truth is, there is hope.
But Pat has to change thinking and realize you must first give, before you can get.
With that in mind, the key then is to see what you can do to get other resources, to make up for the lack of existing resources.
Stay tuned as thats what part II is all about.
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