An Effective Tool for Wedding Planners

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Having the perfect wedding is every couple's dream; however it is the wedding planner's responsibility to make sure that dream becomes a reality. Only the people who are behind the scenes of the wedding realizes what a nightmare it is to make this dream possible. This is especially true in India, where each wedding is not just one function but several large-scale functions rolled into one. If one calculates the myriad details that one sole planner has to attend to, one will actually realize why people organizing a wedding are always tense or stressed out.

Wedding planners consist of not only professionals but also sometimes the soon to wedded couple themselves. And if they read this, they might be discouraged; however there is no reason to be. With the right help, and a systematic approach to organizing the functions can make sure that the special day remains special for all concerned. Because, this help and systematic approach can easily be taken from Shaadi-e-Khas!

Shaadi-e-khas, which literally translates to a special wedding can aid and help any wedding planner and make the entire process easier and manageable. Shaadi-e-Khas is a wedding planning software that has been designed and created seeing that planners across the globe were in need of such a utility. As of now, planners use many gadgets and gizmos in their line of work. However, there is not a single dedicated application or software that has all the utilities they may need. As a result of which, planners are stretched across many gadgets, giving them more things to manage and not lessening their burden!

This particular wedding planning software has all the elements that a planner might need to pull off a successful wedding. From sending invites to guests by e-mail to make sure you miss no one on the guest list, to managing their RSVPs, the software has it all. It can also keep track of any personal demands, any personal guest may have so that you can make all your guests as comfortable as possible.

It also has a very useful feature of sending reminders to you and anybody you are employing about the work that has to done based on the task list you have created. This frees you up from having to constantly needle and reprimand vendors and artists to do their work on time. It also recognizes importance of sticking to a budget by helping you track your expenditures.

As an added bonus, Shaadi-e-Khas also provides a dedicated wedsite for your wedding! This is a website created exclusively for the wedding at hand and can be used for multiple things. One can upload pictures, videos and any other information one may want. This can thus act as a common referring point for guests and family alike. The wedsite can later also serve as a place where one can refresh one's memory about this beautiful event!

To top it all, this all has to be done for not one function but for multiple functions that constitute a typical Indian shaadi! And if all of this has to be done in an Indian setting, it will mean having to deal with the rabid inefficiency of the numerous vendors to whom you might have outsourced certain jobs like catering, music etc. So you have to constantly be on top of their heads telling them what all has to be done while looking after all the tasks on your own job sheet too!
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