Groove Your Golf Swing the Easy Way - With the Medicus Driver!

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Medicus has long been a dominant force in the golf training industry, and it seems to have once again created a product that golfers can enjoy.
The Medicus Dual Hinge Driver is the latest innovation from a company that has developed a reputation of excellence, and this tool seems poised to take the golfing world by storm.
The dual hinge technology takes this club to another level, providing more exact feedback for those who seek swing improvement.
With these things in play, it is no wonder that this Medicus swing trainer has picked up important endorsements from individuals like Mark O'Meara.
This Medicus 460cc Driver includes an appropriately weighted head to recreate the actual swing process.
More importantly, it operated on Medicus's patented dual hinge system, which is top of the line.
Golfers can use this tool to figure out exactly where their swing problems lie, as the club provides instantaneous swing feedback.
One of the things that makes this particular training club better than competitors is the fact that it accounts for all elements of the golf swing.
From the swing plane to swing tempo, the club is unforgiving and highlights mistakes right away.
The Medicus Dual Hinge Driver is simple in theory, but the design and technology involved are quite complex.
What golfers need to know is that if the swing ever heads off plane or if it's ever at an inappropriate tempo, the club's hinges will break.
This takes away any doubt that might exist over where swing problems lie.
From the takeaway to the shoulder turn, all the way through the follow through, this Medicus makes sure that golfers do things the right way.
While other training tools serve to reinforce mistakes and create bad habits, the Medicus gives golfers no room to hide from their swing issues.
One of the things that separates the Medicus 460cc from other swing training clubs is the fact that players can customize the club's effect.
For beginners with high handicaps, it is possible to tighten the dual hinges, meaning that the club won't "break" for nearly as many mistakes.
This can allow those players to get a decent feel for the game, since it is almost certain that they won't be making too many perfect swings.
Likewise, experienced players have the ability to loosen the club's hinges, which serves to make the Medicus very unforgiving.
As players advance in their golf development, the training tool can advance with them.
The latest creation from Medicus does a lot of things right, which is why so many players are getting behind it.
From beginning players to established swing coaches like Hank Haney, individuals all over are coming out to support what looks to be a revolutionary idea.
The dual hinges make this trainer unique and allow it to grow along with golfers.
In turn, this makes it an excellent value, as players understand that they won't just be throwing it out in favor of a new trainer after a couple of years.
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