How to Make Your Ex-Girlfriend Want You Back

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There's no use beating around the bush about it. When a man gets his heartbroken and breaks up with his girlfriend, his first reaction is almost always to try and get her back. And truth be told, he will usually end up failing to get her back, and many times end up making her hate him in the process. If you don't want this to happen, and if you want to learn how to make your ex-girlfriend want you back, then you have to be able to make a few decisions right off of the bat.

Here are a few tips that will help you out to make her want you back:

1. You cannot chase after her. Chasing after a woman is about the worst thing that you can do, especially if she has broken up with you. The more that you chase after her, the more you are going to PUSH her away. It's only natural. What does anyone do when they feel as though they are being chased after? They will run. If you don't want to push her away, then you cannot chase after your ex-girlfriend.

2. You cannot show anger towards her. When a man gets his heart broken, it will usually cause him to feel a bit angry. However, this is NOT the way to get her back. You have to remember that she has to feel attracted to you, and anger usually is not a very attractive quality to possess. You have to be able to remain cool and calm when you are around your ex-girlfriend. Let the anger come out in more productive ways. Go hit the gym or talk to a buddy and vent your emotions.

3. You cannot cast blame on your ex-girlfriend. If you try and play the blame game, you are going to lose. A person's natural reaction to getting the blame placed on them is usually to deflect it back on the other person. And then it just becomes a back and forth thing where nothing productive comes from it. Who cares where the blame lies. You want to focus more on getting back with her and nothing else.

4. You have to use a well thought out approach to getting her back. This is not a time for a lot of trial and error. Make the wrong errors and you can kiss her good bye for GOOD. You want to do the right things to make your ex-girlfriend WANT to come back to YOU.

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