Are Squares or Rectangles Better From a Room Design Standpoint?

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    Odd-Shaped Rooms

    • Odd-shaped rooms tend to offer less of a balance when it comes to decorating. Sometimes it may be the actual shape or structure of the room that can cause decorating disasters and the way the room has been originally designed. For instance, a bedroom may be square in shape but a built-in closet will close off one wall to other uses, as can patio doors or badly placed windows. Any aspect of a room that has an odd placement within the room will require some creative thinking if you cannot remodel.

    Square Rooms

    • Square rooms have natural symmetry and allow for the inclusion of features that can enhance the finished room design. If your room is totally square, there is always the option to add a faux chimney breast to create a more shapely room. It is always easier to add than to remove, and a faux chimney breast does not have to be a permanent feature. It is also far easier to arrange your furniture in a square room without the worry of whether it will fit into a tight corner or have room to sit along a specific wall.

    Rectangle Rooms

    • Rectangle rooms can also pose issues with plain structures. Again, a faux chimney would work, but with rectangles you have to be mindful not to make the room seem like a long corridor. Rectangles can seem very claustrophobic if they are longer by more of a margin than they are wide.

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