What Tax Information Is Needed to File Bankruptcy?

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    Tax Returns

    • You will need to submit a copy of your federal tax return for the past two years. If you do not have these documents, you can obtain them from the Internal Revenue Service by calling (800) 829-1040 and requesting Form 4506-T: Request for Transcript of Tax Return.

      There is often a deadline for supplying copies of these documents during the bankruptcy process. If you hire an attorney, he should help you with the process. If not, check the court's deadline requirements.

      If you reside in a state that requires the payment of state income taxes, you need to supply a copy of your state income tax returns for the two most recent years when you file for bankruptcy. In some cases, you may not have filed a tax return. If this is the case, substitute with copies of all income-related documents. These documents include copies of W-2 statements and 1099 statements. A W-2 is the document that an employer sends each employee at the end of the calendar year to report the employee's earnings. A 1099 is sent to independent contractors who perform work for other entities.

    Property Tax Documents

    • If you own a home or business, you also need to provide a copy of your most recent property tax bill. This document should include your taxable value, taxes paid and any equalization of taxable value such as a state-authorized exemption. Provide this information when you submit your property tax paperwork.

    Business Tax Documents

    • You must provide tax information if you do business as a corporation, S Corporation, partnership or LLC. If you own a sole proprietorship, you must provide a copy of all Schedule C documents. Business tax information that you need to provide includes federal and state business tax returns for the two most recent calendar years. Also, provide a copy of your quarterly payroll tax returns (both federal and state) for the past two quarters.

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