How to Carve Wooden Fish Decoys

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    • 1). Print a fish template from the Internet and cut it out. Also print close-up pictures of fish.

    • 2). Lay the fish pattern onto the driftwood. Trace around the pattern with a pencil. Cut out the pattern using the band saw.

    • 3). Using the wood rasp, begin scrubbing along the edges of the fish, rounding the wood into the fish form. Work the entire perimeter of the fish, blending the edges and forming the body of the fish.

    • 4). Draw more details on the fish body such as fins, scales, eyes and mouth using the close-up pictures as reference.

    • 5). Cut along the pencil lines using the bench knife. When you have completely cut along all lines, continue cutting along the lines with the v-gouge knife, creating relief as you continue to add detail to the fish's body. Rock the v-gouge as you push it along, cutting small pieces away working slowly.

    • 6). Using the round tip of the bent spoon knife, cut individual scales. Work your way all around the fish's body randomly placing scales by gouging and then prying small pieces away from the wood until you are satisfied with your fish decoy.

    • 7). Color your fish using colored markers. Use the fine tip of a black marker to add depth to the fish's scales and then add a solid color to the fish's body. Go back over the scales in solid colors, or mix colors for a more tropical fish.

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