Choosing Color Wedding Dresses Is A Growing Trend

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If you ask any bride what color her wedding dress will be, the majority will simply say €White€. For most women it's because white has come to symbolize purity and child-like innocence. However, a quick review of history reveals that it wasn't until Queen Victoria's lavish 1840 wedding that an expensive white gown became the standard. Contrary to popular belief, white wasn't chosen to represent purity, but a reflection of her social status. A few years later the ideas of purity and innocence were attached and a new trend was born. Wider availability made it possible for women of all walks of life to get a white wedding dress. While most trends quickly pass, it isn't until recently that color wedding gown began to grown in popularity. A reputed website features a great selection of modern wedding gowns in a variety of styles and colors.

White is still the favorite choice in wedding gown for the majority of brides, but recent celebrity weddings have opened the minds of the masses. In addition to having notable designers create dresses for them, many celebrities are expressing their individuality by choosing a non-traditional gown. These gowns are bucking the trends in both style and color. Any bride looking to make her wedding stand out from the rest should give some thought to the color theme for her entire wedding. In the last several years brides have so many more options when choosing the style of wedding gown. Modern brides can choose between ball gown, a-line, column, empire and trumpet styles to name a few. Each style offers a different set of color possibilities. Adding some color to your wedding dress doesn't have to involve an entirely different color. Many brides still choose a white or ivory dress, but choose to accent their dress with their wedding colors. Something as simple as adding a colored bow can really help coordinate the wedding gown with the bridesmaid's dresses.

Some serious thought should be given when choosing color wedding dresses. Some consideration should be given to family traditions and values. This may mean explaining to a well-meaning mother or aunt that the color of a wedding dress does not reflect anything but the individuality of the bride. A woman will also need to make sure that she is picking a color that flatters her skin tone, eye and hair color. What season is your wedding? Spring weddings typically invoke pastel colors while summer nuptials are best represented by brighter colors or soft lavenders. These colors are also appropriate for a beach wedding in a tropical setting. A fall wedding should be accented with warm colors that reflect the changing leaves. A winter wedding is an opportunity to wear furs or to contrast a white dress with deep colors like emerald or ruby. Check out the dresses at on-line stores for some ideas on how to make your wedding stand out this season. Above all else, remember that it's your day and it should be memorable and meaning full to both you and your spouse.
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