Is Fast, Free Money Online Really Available?

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Affiliate marketing has existed far longer than the Internet.
Today, it is easier than ever and represents a great opportunity for an average person to build extra, work from home money, on the Internet.
You don't even need a website of your own! Back in the good old days (or bad old days depending on your perspective) before the Internet, a business person could develop a relationship with a company and earn occasional commissions by referring a product.
Today, the most visible examples of this are Satellite TV, Credit Cards, Newspapers, Magazines and Telephone/Cable TV/Internet packages.
Today this can be turned into an online affiliate money system without sales effort.
Here are some examples of non-Internet affiliates that you will likely recognize from experience in your daily life:
  1. You walk into the auto repair shop and in the corner near the front window is a display for a satellite TV service.
    Think about this for a moment.
    How many times have you seen advertisement for satellite TV in a store that has an unrelated business? These are affiliate marketing relationships generating mailbox money for the shop!
  2. You get to the counter and the clerk asks if you want to charge your purchase to the store card.
    Store credit cards are no longer operated by the stores.
    If you have one, look at your bill or your payment information when the card's automatic payment system draws from your bank account.
    The store is selling you a credit card operated by a major bank.
    This represents an affiliate relationship with GE Money Bank or Capital One or CITIBANK, Wells Fargo, Chase or whichever bank is affiliated with the business offering the credit card.
    Then instead of the cash back others offer, the stores get paid from their "mailbox money system" every time you ever purchase anything using the card again ever!
  3. You go to the supermarket and a clerk in the store hands you a free newspaper or offers you a free gift if you enroll in a trial subscription.
    The clerk is an affiliate marketer of the newspaper! He gets a commission and a newspaper reader list for his email marketing system and the paper gets what they hope will be a long term subscriber.
  4. At the sporting event, a person offers you a free souvenir for the home team if you apply for a credit card.
    This is fast money for a salesman because so many people apply just for the free gift.
    He gets paid on either the application or the acceptance depending on the money system the credit company uses.
    You didn't think your team was selling credit cards did you? Affiliate marketing again!
  5. Some kid knocks door-to-door offering magazine subscriptions...
  6. A booth at the art fair offers a free trial on bundled telephone service...
    affiliate marketing!
  7. I could do this forever, but why would you work this hard when there are many work from home money systems that automate this process on the Internet?
In each case above, the affiliated store or representative earns a commission for selling the product.
This commission is usually very much higher than the cost of the product! I bet you didn't know that the kid at your door offering magazines or newspapers, claiming they will get a college scholarship with enough sales, earns more than you do in a year! Did you? For each subscriber they will get a commission that could be twenty-five to one hundred dollars.
Can you sell magazines on the INTERNET without going door-to-door? Just become an affiliate! Yes, it is amazing that the fifteen dollars you just paid for a ten week trial of the newspaper might pay the affiliate so much money! The Internet affiliate marketer earns the same money per subscriber.
Think about the credit card booth.
Why will they give you a gifts worth ten to fifteen dollars (like the Chicago Cubs tee shirt I got at the game) when they don't even know if you will be approved? Because the value of the customers accepted are greater than the price paid to the affiliate and the gift to the customer.
You should know this if you watch TV.
Think of how much Visa/Master Card and American Express spend on advertisements and you don't even have an application in hand afterward.
Affiliate vendors value your enrollment information and potential business.
You may represent a profit to them even if you don't buy their product because they have advertisers paying for your information, availability, attention or, they have affiliate relationships of their own.
They use this information so they can send email and make money online for free because they eliminate even the mailing costs.
Why will the local auto repair shop put a satellite TV display in his shop? Because he earns large mailbox money from an upfront affiliate commission or a long term residual commission from your purchase.
Imagine the shop owner gets fifty bucks from a satellite TV provider per sale and gets one a week just because somebody asks.
This is two hundred dollars he doesn't have to work for and doesn't have to pay staff to get! Sometimes, all he does is give a customer a card with an online discount code and waits to make money fast and free online! Sales clerks often earn a $5 spiff (a bonus commission) for every credit card enrollment they get.
This is quick income enhancement! The store gets extra sales and maybe a little more in bonus from the finance company.
Who wins? Everybody! Consider the clerk who will see a thousand checkouts a week at Christmas time when many people want to spend more money than they have.
If she gets one percent or, ten new enrollments, she earns an extra fifty dollars per week just for saying, "would you like to put that on your store card?" Her affiliate marketing supplements her regular income without very much additional effort! This extra money, the clerks portion and the stores portion would be paid to you, if you had the fast money system affiliate marketing provides.
Here are some important tips if you want fast money online: never pay for the privilege of marketing someone else's product.
They will advertise, "big money in email system" or "fast money" or "quick income" and other hot button phrases but I say, if they are so great, why do they have to charge for them? Won't they earn money if you don't buy their money system? If you are not a writer/blogger or you don't have your own website, look for an affiliation that does not require you have one.
You can begin to earn money without this by sending email to your friends and family.
See? You do have an email marketing system.
You may also pass out business cards to people you meet or leave them on car windows.
With a $1.
99 or less you can get a domain name.
There are many free "squeeze page" generators that will gather the information a respondent on your business card or flyer puts into the page.
This will generally be their name and email address but may be more.
Afterward, whether they enroll or not, you will have the start of an email marketing system that contains the names of people who are specifically interested in making additional income or in using the products you are providing.
Don't worry, many people will use a temporary email or they will unsubscribe if they don't want to have any more email from you, so you will not be intruding like the emails you might be getting now bug you.
All in all, if you want to make money fast and free online, get involved with an affiliate marketing system.
I appreciate any comments that will help my readership understand the benefits of this kind of marketing!
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