Flipped (2010): Beautiful, Inspiring!

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Movie: Flipped (2010) Cast: Madeline Carroll, Callan McAuliffe and Rebecca De Mornay Rating: 4.
Very seldom does a film touch you so strongly that you are forced to write about it as soon as the screen time is over.
Flipped is a film that remained on my shelf for a long time for the simple reason that many high profile films with great cast grabbed my attention ahead of it.
I was however surprised and slightly embarrassed at my utter underestimation of the film.
Flipped is a story about Julie Baker and Bryce Loski, two kids in there early to mid teens living in the same neighborhood but not exactly best of friends.
In fact they have a very one-sided relationship with Julie the admirer and Bryce the one utterly disinterested and irritated by her persistence towards making a relationship out of nothing.
What doesn't help Julie's cause at all is Bryce's father's reaction and impression of Julie's family in general and her father in particular.
This arrogance rubs off and Bryce, although unintentionally, breaks Julie's heart.
The relationship between Julie and Bryce's Grandpa is the true peaking point of the film and with all this on show the story is an interesting one to follow.
Talking more about it is going to be a major spoiler so I would implore you to see it yourself and enjoy.
Flipped is a comparison of naturalism with materialism and simplicity with shrewdness.
It conveys strongly that simplicity is beautiful and goodness never goes unreturned.
You are extremely satisfied emotionally after watching this one and that is the true essence of the film.
The relationship between the kids and that between their parents is beautifully portrayed.
The double standards and pseudo thought patterns of people are aimed at as the central subject.
The simplicity of the main character and the repulsion that it reacts points a finger at the pathetic state of human thought and perception.
Flipped tells how a person can be so over occupied with peer pressure and status that he cannot see the care and love that others harbor for him.
It puns at the inability of people to see love as it comes their way!
The cast has acted brilliantly with both Mandelline and Callan giving amazingly matured performances.
One especially marvels at the solidity of the performances by the child duo.
All in all a movie worth a watch for everyone looking to learn something from life.
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