Do Your Puppet Plays Deliver the Whole Package?

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In too many cases, I've seen teams that have put the majority of their work into the puppetry aspect of their program and quickly run through the introduction and application.
It's like they rush to get to the puppets and then once done, rush to finish the presentation.
That probably isn't true in most cases, but that's the way it often comes across.
The problem with that scenario is the puppet play is part of an overall presentation.
It's the tool that God uses to communicate Bible truth, but the application is where you make it personal and challenge the audience to act on what they've just seen.
When they put the truths into practice, that's what brings about life change.
Here are four reasons why you should start with a well-crafted introduction.
It's the first thing the audience sees.
First impressions are important and often set the tone for the rest of the performance.
If you have excellence in your introduction, people will look forward to the presentation.
It gives you a chance to set the scene for the play to prepare the audience for what is to come.
If you don't have background scenery, the audience can better picture in their minds what's going on if you describe the scene for them.
It helps to prepare the audience for the truth you want to share and gives you opportunity to have them look for something specific in the play regarding that truth.
It allows you to focus the audience's attention on the parts of the play that are most important.
Here are four reasons why you should end with a well prepared application and invitation.
The audience has watched the puppets act out the truths and looked for the things mentioned in the introduction.
The application now helps you to personalize those truths with the audience members.
This is how the puppets handled the truth, now here is a specific way you can handle that same truth in your life this week.
It gives you the opportunity to challenge the audience to think about what they've seen and heard.
It moves the audience toward a point of decision to change those thoughts into actions.
Without a solid application and invitation, the play becomes just entertainment.
With it, you can begin to see life-change as people apply what they've learned.
Focusing on your puppet skills is important.
You want to present quality programs, but don't overlook the introduction and application.
All three work together as one package to help move the audience to action.
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