Video: Bleu Cheese Mayonnaise Recipe

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Hi, my name is Kristina Kuzmic, from And today, I want to show you a bleu cheese mayonnaise recipe. So, what you¡¯re going to need is half a cup of mayonnaise ¨C just get that right in. And, of course, you can use more ¨C just always double the amount of mayonnaise to the bleu cheese. So, we¡¯re using half a cup of mayonnaise, or use quarter-cup of bleu cheese. You can use any kind of bleu cheese you want ¨C some are stronger than others, so just find one you really like, any will work in this recipe. And then, what you¡¯re going to do is just mix that up really good. I actually like to use a fork for this to break down the bleu cheese. Now, if you want, you can always add some minced garlic. I like to add bacon bits, because I like to add bacon to everything. So, flavor it however you want, but this is the basic bleu cheese mayonnaise recipe. And, once you feel like it¡¯s fully incorporated, you can taste it, see if you want more bleu cheese. This is going to be perfect for me. And, I love, love, love this on sandwiches ¨C like this is so great on a BLT or burgers. It¡¯ll melt right on that warm burger ¨C it¡¯s delicious! My name is Kristina Kuzmic. Thank you for watching! Have a good day!
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