How to Get Rid of Bugs & Slugs

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    • 1). Seal cracks and crevices in your house. Bugs often enter the house through small gaps, and insects such as bedbugs and cockroachs often live in these narrow spaces.

    • 2). Keep your house clean. Clutter gives bugs a place to hide inside your house. Pick up after yourself and regularly vacuum and sweep your floors.

    • 3). Take your trash out daily and keep your trash cans clean and sealed. Many insects congregate around trash cans. Unattended garbage cans will often become a breeding ground for more bugs.

    • 4). Check your pets regularly. Dogs and cats sometimes and can track them into your house. Wash your pets regularly and check for bites which might look like small welts or brown spots. Special shampoos that target insects such as flies and ticks can be purchased at your local pet store.

    • 5). Pick up after your pets. Some bugs like flies need fecal matter to breed. Cleaning up after your pet eliminates a possible breeding ground.

    • 6). Buy commercially available pest control products. These include sprays, powders and bug traps. Visit your local home and garden or hardware store and look for products that target that variety of bug or slug.

    • 7). Call a professional exterminator. Exterminators are expensive, but it may be the only sure way of getting rid of bugs if you've tried everything else.

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