Toys Help Developing Various Skills

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Some children give evidence of having unusual skills from a very early age. In fact, a child's favorite plaything is often related to his ability. The little boy who invariably prefers his planes and toys with motors may show an aptitude along mechanical lines when he grows up. And the four-year-old who often goes to the piano with great interest may have musical talent. Of course, you may not have a budding Mozart or Einstein under your roof. But if your child does show some talent, he can be encouraged with certain toys. There are various toy instruments that are inexpensive, and parents can use these to determine if future lessons to develop these skills are warranted. Miniature pianos, various stringed instruments, xylophones, harmonicas, accordions and the currently popular guitar are some, to name just a few. There are also clay sets, chemistry sets and water-color paint sets. Even if your children are not especially talented in any of the arts, they can still enjoy expressing themselves in ways unknown to them previously. Toys can cause their little worlds to grow and expand.
Future Selections€Now as you proceed to analyze your children's toys, you may find that some are not as effective as you would like them to be for one reason or another. There is no need, however, to throw them out unless, of course, they are unsafe or unwise. But you can resolve to be more selective in the future. Safety should certainly be a factor. Toys that are poorly constructed can break easily and cause harm. They all should be examined for sharp edges, rusting, peeling of paint and many other features that could be dangerous, especially for the very young. Additionally, some toys may be quite safe but still unwise for children to have. Just because toys are sold in a store or may be currently popular with the majority, this will not unduly influence those who follow good principles. So principles besides safety and popularity govern good parents' choice of toys. Thus, as you resolve to select toys more wisely in the future, you may want to give more consideration to what each toy will help your child to accomplish: Will it arouse his curiosity and imagination? Will it improve his coordination? Will it stimulate his creative ability? And, most important of all, will it make him think? Indeed, toys are a valuable aid in a child's mental and physical growth, and you, as parents, can use them as tools to guide that growth.
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