Traffic Exchanges-how I Got 2000 Hits in 24 Hours

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Have you heard the news? Traffic Exchanges are crap. That was what I was told and believed until recently.What made me change my mind you may be asking yourself, Well hold on to your hat because what I'm about to reveal to you will change your mind about using Traffic Exchanges forever.

For the purpose of this article I'm going to assume that

A)You know what a Traffic Exchange is

 B)You have used them before without much success

If you don't know what a Traffic Exchange is then please read the information in the resource box at the bottom of this article. Now that we have got that out of the way, I can get right into the meaty stuff that you want to know more about. When I first started out in Affiliate Marketing, I was immediately drawn towards using Traffic Exchanges because of what they offered, which is...

1) A quick way to build your downline

2)Direct traffic to any web site you want,

3)Free to low advertising cost

As you can see just these 3 benefits alone makes it easy to understand why people like you and me would want to use them. When I look back, I actually didn't do to badly on my first attempt of using Traffic Exchanges, but I did make  basic mistakes which I want you to avoid. Sign up to any Traffic Exchange and one of the first things that they advise you to do is to join their recommended Traffic Exchange services.

You should do this, but don't try to sign up to all of them in one go, just join a couple of them everyday.This was the first mistake that I made, trying to do to much to quickly. Another thing that I would advise you to do before you start joining traffic exchanges is to get a page rotator.

A page rotator is the secret to you getting thousands of hits to any web page that you want in a matter of days. I had used one before, but not in the way that I'm about to show you now. Let me explain my old method and new method to you step by step starting with the old.

1)got page rotator

2)joined traffic exchanges

3)put traffic exchanges affiliate links into page rotator

4)put rotator URL in all traffic exchanges that I joined

 5)start surfing for page credits

Now lets look at the new method

1)got page rotator

2)joined traffic exchanges

3)put traffic exchanges affiliate links into page rotator

4)put rotator URL in all traffic exchanges that I joined

5)start surfing for page credits

Yeah I know both methods appear to be exactly the same, and they are but with slight changes.The first and most important change that I made was to track and test my results from all of the Traffic Exchanges that I joined. I cannot stress how important it is that you do this.Tracking and testing your results will enable you to weed out the poorly performing Traffic Exchanges.

You Can Get This For Free

I personally use Goggle Analytics for all of my tracking and testing which is a free tool provided by Google. I now know where all of my traffic is coming from, and from which country, city etc. Having this information at my finger tips makes it easy for me to know which Traffic Exchange is worth up-grading and buying traffic credits from.

The second change that I made was to stay up to date regarding all news concerning Traffic Exchanges, which is simple for you to do, just sign up to Traffic and you will gain access providing that you upgrade to an in depth regularly up-dated report about the best Traffic Exchanges for you to join. Another website that I recommend that you join is Affiliate What's really cool about this web site is that you can get information about all the best Traffic Exchanges from the point of view of people that use them on a regular basis.

Have you got your own web site?

Having your own web site is not really that important when using Traffic Exchanges, You will find that most of the people that use them simply promote free affiliate web pages.Personally speaking I prefer to have my own domain name and web site because I want to brand myself as the expert in my chosen subject and not someone else.

One thing that I've noticed is that web sites about traffic generation and list building or building your down lines, tend to get much better results than any other type of website.This is where I have made my third change, by making sure that my rotator is 70% weighted with traffic and down line building affiliate web sites. The other 30% is used to promote my own web site and favourite affiliate programs.


Using a rotator will definitely enable you to get much better results in the Traffic Exchanges,I have no doubt about this. But the rotator will not magically turn water into wine, or in your case turn pennies into pounds or 1000's of dollars. You must test and track all of your result before seeing any significant improvement in your online earnings, this is not a difficult thing to do and I urge you to get started today.
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