Reusable Bags - Green Bag Tips For Choosing the Right Shopping Bag For You

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As Americans become more eco-conscious and switch to reusable shopping and grocery bags, it can be overwhelming trying to select from among the dozens of options.
How do you find the right bag to fit your lifestyle? Here are some questions to consider.
  1. Am I able to remember to bring the bag to the store? If you are great at adapting to new habits, you can choose any shaped bag.
    However most people have problems remembering the bags until they are in the checkout line, and then it is too late.
    If that sounds like you, you should consider a foldable bag that tucks into its own self-storing pocket so women can keep some in their purses.
    The smaller pocket bag can also fit in a back pocket for guys.
    Some brands include a clip so you can attach the bag to your purse or belt.
  2. How easy to clean is the bag? Check the label for cleaning instructions.
    Be careful of those that specify hand or spot clean only.
    You do not want to worry about poultry juice leaking in your bag one week and then contaminating produce the following week.
    Look for one that you can toss in the washer, and ideally the dryer.
    One manufacturer makes a bag you can toss it in the dishwasher.
    Consider the weave of the bag.
    Larger weaves or mesh holes allow for better soap penetration.
  3. How durable is the bag? A flimsy bag will not last long and rather defeats the purpose of a reusable bag.
    Look for a tough bag that will last.
    It takes about eleven uses for a bag to have a positive environmental impact.
    Every use after that means you are helping the planet by saving 3-4 plastic bags.
    Look for reinforced seams and sturdy overall construction.
    A quality bag has the potential to save a couple of thousand bags from the landfill.
  4. How much do you want to pay?Reusable bag prices can range from the cheap nonwoven polypropylene $1 bags seen in most grocery stores, to $50 designer bags.
    However there are plenty of quality brands for $5 or less.
    Keep in mind that you will probably need to buy several in order to avoid paper and plastic bags.
    Look for companies that offer a discount for a multiple bag purchase.
By switching to reusable bags, you can feel good about saving an average of 1000 plastic bags each year from clogging our landfills and littering our land.
As a bonus, since plastic bags are made from oil, you will be conserving our precious resources.
So choose wisely, and consider your answers to these questions when determining the right reusable bag for you.
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