Tracing Baby Shower Ideas Back To Its Roots

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Getting pregnant is one of the best things that can ever happen to a woman. It is said that a woman will never be complete without experiencing the wonders and joy of being a mother. It is only women who has the capacity to bear a child for not just one but nine months of pain and joy. It is not only the parents to be who are excited about the baby to be born but also their family and friends. To show their love and joy to the expectant mother, they often throw a baby shower. There are several baby shower ideas and it is all up to the host whether they want it big or simple.

I am pretty sure that you have attended one or two of these baby showers and have probably picked up a couple of baby shower ideas. However, have you wondered where baby showers originated? Have you thought about how baby showers were thrown during the historical times? According to historical records, baby showers were held during the Roman and Egyptian times. Family and friends gather around the mother and offer gifts. According to some remains, the gifts are handmade. Gifts include blankets, clothes, and even food. Some may take the term baby shower literally by bathing the mother. However, even in ancient times bathing the mother does not really take place in baby showers.

The difference between how we celebrate baby shower from our ancestors is that they do it after the child was born. This is their way of showing to their closest friends and relatives the fruit of their love. This is the time they bring gifts to the newly born baby, gift giving is also considered as one of the commonly practiced baby shower ideas. This tradition is said to be practiced by the Magis who offered valuable gifts like frankincense and gold.

Tracing the exact history of baby showers and baby shower ideas can be a bit of a challenge since there is no complete record of when or how it all began. What we have are remains and some documents. Nevertheless, the current trend of baby showers began when WWII was ending.

Baby showers of today have become more gender specific because of the technology that allows future parents to see the gender of their upcoming child. This also paved way for more gender specific baby shower ideas. However, the important thing is that the child will come into this world healthy and loved.
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