Different Fish Tank Background Ideas

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    Premade Background

    • Many pet stores offer premade backgrounds that are typically made of plastic. These feature several designs from which to choose, so you can find one that best suits the types of fish you have and the scene you want. Once you have chosen a background, all you need to do is stretch it out flat and tape it to the back of your aquarium. Some backgrounds have different prints on each side so you can choose the one you like best.

    Paint a Mural

    • If you are an artist and want to design your own aquarium background, paint it yourself directly onto the glass. Remember that everything you paint will look backward from the other side of the tank, so paint objects accordingly. The more realistic you can make the plants, fish and rocks that you paint, the better your background will look. Painting your own aquarium background lets you customize it to fit your needs and preferences.

    Setting a Scene

    • For the most realistic background to your aquarium, set a table directly behind it. The table should be the same height as the bottom of the aquarium or possiby even a little higher. Set extra rocks and aquarium decorations along the edge of the table nearest the aquarium. These extra objects behind the tank will make the tank look deeper from the front and let you add extra elements to the decor without cluttering the bottom of the tank.

    Solid Colors

    • A background that features water plants, rocks and even fish is often used to make the fish tank appear bigger. But some people prefer to use a solid color at the back of the aquarium. A solid color helps viewers focus on the fish, rocks and plants in the aquarium. There are a few ways to create a solid background for your tank. You can purchase a ready-made background in a solid color, paint the back of the tank a solid color, or even paint the wall behind the tank.

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