I Need to Quit Drinking - Alcohol is Ruining My Life

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You have reached a time in your life when Alcohol is costing you more than money and you are thinking I need to quit drinking.
Maybe you have tried to stop before, but after a period of time you always went back to it.
Do not despair I have been where you are right now, there have been many times when I have said to myself I need to quit drinking and believe me I have tried and failed on numerous occasions.
No matter how many times I said to myself I need to quit drinking I eventually fell off the wagon and ended up in a drunken stupor.
I knew I had a serious problem with Alcohol, I was drinking every day, mostly in the evenings after work and justifying it with thoughts like "I have been to work all day I deserve a drink', "if you had a day like mine you would drink to".
I know today this was the denial of my Alcoholism and whilst I was in this thought pattern I could say to myself all day long I need to quit drinking but I would never do it.
What helped me to see the truth was to be honest about my drinking and write down all the bad things that were happening to me as a result of my Alcohol consumption.
When I wrote these down I could really see that Alcohol was ruining my life and I need to quit drinking.
These are some of the things I wrote down - I had lost my driving license - I was becoming aggressive and arguing with my wife and children - I had lost interest in my hobbies, I was simply going to work coming home and drinking - I was hiding drink around the house - I was drinking secretly - I was starting to lose time from work - I would wake in the morning and my wife would not be speaking to me.
There were times when I would look around the house and something was smashed or broken, I had done this and I had no recollection of doing it.
When I wrote these things down on paper I could clearly see that Alcohol was causing me serious problems and I had to stop.
My wife and children were saying I need to quit drinking but every time I tried I failed, it was just too hard for me.
Eventually I sort help from counselling and read as much literature about Alcoholism and Recovery as I could get my hands on.
There are some great books on recovery and they helped me a great deal.
The first 12 months of my recovery was hard, the obsession for Alcohol stayed with me but so did the thought that I need to quit drinking and with the help of others and counselling I managed to get my first year of Sobriety.
I was told to stay away from wet places and I did, I never went to a pub for the first 12 months of my recovery and even to this day I will only venture in to a pub for a meal.
I in the early days I found that I had to keep busy, stay focused on the fact that I need to quit drinking.
By keeping busy I never had time to just sit and think, if I did this I would usually end up thinking about a drink and I had to avoid that.
I can say today that Alcohol plays no part on my life and the obsession for Alcohol has left me, this was the first miracle of my recovery and it all started with the thought I need to quit drinking, I took action and put a lot of work into staying sober.
It has been many years since I took or wanted to take a drink and my life today is contented and happy.
If you have reached a time in your life where you are thinking I need to quit drinking then get some help, read recovery books, try a 12 step program, there is a wealth of help and support for you, just reach out and ask for it.
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