Does She Like Me? Tips On How To Figure It Out

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You know we can all be guilty of being indecisive.
Women are no exception to the rule.
However this is certainly not the case when it comes to guy's women like.
They more than likely will tell everybody else except you - which is kind of funny when you think of it.
Lots of guys lose out on good opportunities because they just do not know what to look out for.
They miss the signals and as a result miss out on a great looking girl.
And often times because of our own insecurity we do not make a move so as consequence everybody looses.
What you got to understand is this.
If you see any signals you need to make your move, sure you may be wrong but there is a stronger possibility that you will be right.
I mean any signal is better than no signals so don't beat around the bush by second guessing yourself.
Women like to feel attractive as we all do - but if every time you run into her she is wearing nice clothes and makeup this is a positive signal that she wants to look her best around you - so that you will be attracted to her.
This is especially so if she knows she is going to run into you.
Look for the lipstick - if you all of a sudden you show up and she starts putting it on - things are definitely working in your favor.
If she is engaged and accommodating when in your company this is another sign that she is interested in you.
She may also take interest in things that you like.
Along with this she will make herself available and you will be able to tell based on her body language if she is engaged while in conversation with you.
If all these elements are in place then you need to make your move.
There is no time like the present.
You can work your way up to it by just asking questions or suggest going somewhere and see how she reacts then take it to the next level.
Just keep your eyes and ears open and before you know it you both of you will be taking your friendship a step further.
Guy's if you are serious about getting the girl of your dreams then you need to seriously work on solid techniques to achieve your goal.
If you know what a girl is thinking it is far easier to approach her.
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