Drastic Changes Of Our Climate

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Recently, I saw a news item in regard to the heat wave in the southwest, West and Midwest parts of the United States.
Yes, within the last three years Mother Nature has not been kind to our people, and tens of thousands of people in other places of the World have also suffered greatly from such weather related disasters.
The scientists say that global warming is the cause, but for some reason people seem to ignore the continued depletion of the ozone layer as also being a contributing factor.
One gentleman interviewed during that news item said that the Sun's rays on his skin felt like fire.
That can only happen when more UV radiation reaches the surface of our Earth.
I also noticed such severe heat, like I never in the past experienced, on my skin.
As it happens, the ozone layer is the thinnest at the South Pole and during the last five years huge areas of the icecap have been breaking away and drifting North.
As a matter of fact, ice is starting to melt everywhere at an ever increasing rate.
We, dear reader, are in big trouble.
You see, the ozone layer once was about four miles thick.
Now, the thickness of the ozone layer over many parts of our Earth is less than a mile.
That means that our Earth has lost about 80% of the protection that the ozone layer once provided to our life giving World.
What's worse, CFCs are still being made and sold.
Thousands of aircraft engines are running constantly on more than a total of a thousand airborne aircraft at any given time of the day or night.
Yes, dear reader, we are in big trouble.
There has been a 1,000 % increase in the number of new skin cancer victims within the last five years, and many of the lower forms of life on our Planet are mutating or slowly reaching extinction.
What more proof do the leaders of our World need in order to save what is left of our natural environment? Your guess is as good as mine, but drastic measures are required in order to prevent a huge loss of life and the loss of hundreds of billions of dollars due to the two main reasons why, in the future, our environment might be the cause of the death of everyone and everything.
May we all rest in peace.
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