Dogs For People With Allergies

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If you or a family member suffers from a dog dander allergy there may still be hope if you select the right breed of dog.
Allergic reactions to dogs are caused by dog dander which is dead skin, So obviously the best dogs for people with dog allergies are those that rejuvenate their skin less and produce less dander.
Fortunately there are many breeds that are considered hypoallergenic and more allergy friendly.
Popular Dogs For People With Allergies Poodles are always a popular choice for those with dog allergies.
Poodles rank high in terms of intelligence and they were originally bred to be retrievers so they are naturally playful.
The range of sizes available also adds to their popularity as the small toy size make for good lap dogs for older people.
Shi-zu dogs are one of the oldest breeds and originally come from China where they became popular pets of the royalty.
Like most small dogs they do not require a lot of walking, which make them great pets for someone who is less mobile than normal.
Italian Greyhounds are as you would guess by the name the speedster on the list of dogs for people with allergies.
They are very intelligent but can be a little timid at times.
Their short coat makes them sensitive to cold weather so they are far better suited for someone living in a place with shorter winters.
In recent years the market has seen an increased demand for cross breeds.
Combining popular family friendly dogs like Labradors with more hypoallergenic dogs like poodles to produce a labradoodle.
A large part of the reason for the success of such cross breeds is the quest to find better dogs for people with allergies.
Controlling Dog Dander Even the best dogs for people with allergies produce some dander but fortunately there are things you can do to cut down on the amount of dander that a person with a dog allergy may be exposed to.
  • Vacuum often with a vacuum that has a HEPA filter.
  • Use a air purifier to help keep the air cleaner.
  • Keep dogs off furniture and beds, you may also consider keeping dogs out of the bedroom depending on the severity of the allergy.
  • Make sure that the dog is properly groomed but be careful of over washing as this can lead to dry skin.
  • On days when pollen levels are high you may want to limit your dogs outside time as they will tract pollen inside with them on their fur and the effects of allergies are cumulative, even if you do not suffer pollen allergies.
Its always wise to take your time making any decision on which breed of dog you will purchase, though tough you must avoid impulse puppy buying.
Remember this will hopefully be a member of the family for a long time and you want the dog and everyone else to live comfortably together.
Choosing one of the dogs for people with allergies will is not a guarantee everyone will live happy ever after and allergy free but it does increase the odds.
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