Periodontal Diseases And Treatments

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Periodontal diseases are gum infections and infection of the bone that supports and surrounds the teeth. Early stage of such an infection is called gingivitis in which the gums become swollen and red. The advanced stage of gingivitis takes shape of a periodontitis infection in which the gums can pull away from the tooth, bone can be lost and teeth may loosen or even fall out. Dental plaque is the primary cause of gum disease in genetically susceptible individuals. Bacteria found in plaque produce toxins or poisons, which irritate the gums. This disease damages the teeth, gum and jawbone of more than 80% of Americans by age 45. Only a dental health professional can remove the tartar and stop the periodontal disease process.

Dr. Irene Bokser, a dentist in Queens is a specialist in Periodontics and Implant ology. Her practice specializes in conservative treatment of gum disease, including cosmetic procedures to aesthetically enhance your smile and dental implants that can replace single or multiple missing teeth. She also diagnoses and treats oral pathology. If you are looking for periodontics Queens then she is the one to go to. You may find many dentists in Queens but to cure periodontal diseases you need to go an expert in dental implants Queens. Dr. Irene Bokser is definitely excels in her practice.

Dr. Irene Bokser, at her Bayside, Queens NY Practice, provides the following services:

Periodontal therapy
Scaling and root planing (deep cleaning)
Osseous surgery
Periodontal plastic surgery
Implant therapy
Sinus augmentation
Extractions and site development (bone grafts)
Exposure of impacted teeth (for orthodontics)
Treatment of sensitive teeth
Gummy smile correction
Crown lengthening

Currently Dr. Irene Bokser is an attending at New York Hospital of Queens and is an associate clinical professor at NYUCD, aesthetics Department. She is also a co-president of North Queens Study Club. She has been a member of ADA, AAP, AO and NESP since 2003. Dr. Bokser provides lectures to dental students and residents.
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