Writing My First Novel

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They say write what you know. This is what I did when I wrote and recently completed an entire book about my completed career in the Information Technology field.

I found writing the book relatively easy, because I was able to sequentially remember every single incident in my career, both good and bad throughout over 32 long years of hard work and some pretty bad times. I was hoping during this process that writing this novel would be therapy to recover from so many bad people that I have had to endure during my long career.

For most of my career in IT I was an independent consultant where you sub-contract through another company and work in the client site. Unfortunately the downside of this was always never knowing the total billing rate where you can negotiate a fair win-win percentage of the total rate and making money for criminals in many cases during my 25 plus years as an independent consultant.

In my book I document the good and the bad, the mistake i have made the good projects I got to work on and the times where I was sitting around for months with nothing to do. Nothing was easy, not even one day and getting the respect I deserved after so many years of dues and hard work was a very difficult thing to do.

In the end I am proud of the end result of my book, which took almost a year to write and proofread. I am still editing it, even though its just about ready to be printed. I don't know if I will ever release this book to the public and that is a decision I will make in 2015.

Write what you know is very true, and writing a biography about yourself and your career is something I would recommend to anyone. I enjoyed the process of writing and remembering so many incidents, most especially my decision to go independent in 1988 which changed my life and career exponentially. In the IT field, if you want to stay technical you have to go independent if you want to make any money. The insanity is, unless your working for Microsoft is that management is the only way to make money in the IT field, not developing application and becoming very good technically. This is very unfortunate, because it requires much more skill, talent and brains to excel in the IT field technically, most especially now when there are so many things to know and to learn. The recent thing in the IT field is about 30 different JavaScript libraries, all of which have their specific challenges and learning curve.
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