Find A Hemorrhoid Remedy To Soothe Your Hemorrhoids And Provide A Natural Hemorrhoid Cure

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You can cure external hemorrhoids more easily than you might think.
Hemorrhoids are caused by bad habits and perhaps to a slight degree, a disposition toward getting the disease.
Hemorrhoids can wreak havoc on your life.
It is said that Napoleon had hemorrhoids and that because he was suffering in the morning and he delayed action, it cost him to delay the battle and the weather went against him and he lost the battle of Waterloo.
So hemorrhoids can not only affect your life, they have affected history.
A hemorrhoid home treatment to cure external hemorrhoids is inexpensive and effective, you do it all at home.
You also quickly come to a treatment that works best for you without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars at the drug store and perhaps on surgical procedures.
Home treatments for hemorrhoids are gaining favor as people are hearing about them.
Since there is no quick cure in most common treatments, people are willing to take a shot at it at home.
Here are three treatments that you should try.
For most sufferers, and we reports are that nearly 50% of the adult population will get hemorrhoids at some time, hemorrhoids will come and go without major symptoms.
For others it is not so easy - perhaps they will not treat the hemorrhoids soon enough and they will become serious - pain, bleeding, and anal leakage.
Embarrassment enters in and the suffering becomes not only physical but emotional.
The sufferer may feel he cannot properly clean himself and avoid company.
There are several fast ways to gain relief from external hemorrhoids.
  1. Ice packs on the affected area can relieve swelling and ease the pain.
  2. Sitz bath soak is an all time favorite.
    Sit in warm water with epsom salts, salt, or baking soda dissolved in it.
    the water both cleans and soothes the area.
    It also increases blood flow and reduces inflammation.
    The blood flow is important to allow the healing in the area.
  3. Witch hazel, available in almost all drug stores is another old and effective treatment.
    Clean yourself by putting a little on your toilet paper.
    It helps sanitize the area as it cleans.
    As an astringent it also will relieve the inflammation.
    If you want you can also soak some gauze with Witch Hazel and put the strips on the area for a few minutes.
All of these treatments can be done several times a day and are very effective as external hemorrhoids remedies.
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