Online Marketing Strategies? Here"s the Top Six Reasons You Must Include E-Mail Marketing

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Small business goes online to expand.
That typically means to increase their sales and profits.
To do that, an effective online marketing strategy must be deployed.
Here's the top six reasons why any good online marketing strategy will include e-mail marketing.
E-Mail Marketing is: Cost Effective: For any business, part of earning a profit is saving money.
When you compare the cost of e-mail to any other form of advertising, e-mail marketing is simply the most cost effective.
It Builds Relationships: Your subscribers are people.
Like you, they purchase solutions to their problems.
But just like you, your subscribers and website visitors are much more inclined to purchase from people that they know, trust and like.
Your e-mail campaign let's you build that relationship.
Capture the Customer's Lifetime Value: There is always an excitement when you gain a new customer.
But over their lifetime, that one customer is worth several times the value of that first sale.
E-Mail marketing lets you build your relationships with your customers so that you can realize their lifetime value.
You Build Credibility: You probably forgot more about your market and business than most people know.
Share that information.
Show your subscribers that you are dedicated to the market and understand their needs.
Prove that you're the best source for your product or service.
To become that credible source that they will rely on, you need a consistent e-mail campaign.
E-Mail is Proven: Countless companies rely on e-mail marketing as their best source for developing new business and increasing sales.
According to recent research performed by the Direct Marketing Association, members claimed that e-mail outperformed all other direct marketing channels and reflected a Return on Investment (ROI) of over $43.
00 for every dollar spent! That alone should convince you! It is your ONLY Method of Maintaining Contact: You establish a website.
You work hard on your Search Optimization.
You take all the care to be sure you've displayed all of your products or detailed your services.
But still, statistics show that over 99% of first time visitors leave your website without ever taking action.
So how do you ever expect to stay in touch with them? It is impossible to do that without an e-mail marketing campaign.
I will tell you as I would tell any client.
Regardless of your business, market or niche, if you expect to succeed online, you have to utilize e-mail marketing as part of your overall online marketing strategy.
It is just that simple.
Live, Love and Profit from Your Passion; Otherwise it's just another job!
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