What Is The Top Place in London to Take Your London Minibus?

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One of the top most visited places in London is the Merlin Entertainment's London Eye.
This is a most excellent place to take you London Minibus.
It is almost called the "London Eye".
It's pretty much the tallest Ferris wheel in Europe and it's situated right next to the River Thames.
The London Eye was opened by the former Prime Minister, Tony Blair in December of 1999.
Since it's opening, it has become major tourist attraction and income generator.
Around 8.
5 people had ridden the eye by July of 2002.
From it's very top, you have a lovely view of the entire city, but you'll have to be careful if you're afraid of heights as it takes you a towering 160 meters (520 feet) above London.
It has become the focal point of London's New Year Celebrations, much like Times Square is in New York.
During the bidding process of the 2012 Olympic Games, the London bid organizers promised that they would attach the Olympic Emblem to the London Eye for the duration of the Olympics.
Now you can access a pre-flight 4D experience a the London Eye which is included in the business price.
The film was written and directed by 3d Director Julian Napier.
It's certain that you will not want to miss this amazing all around experience in You London Minibus.
You will be able to navigate the roads and river bridges of the river Thames to be able to get there.
I'm certain you'll have a great trip!
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