The Best Things About Raised Garden Beds

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I will never grow a garden in any other way, except in raised garden beds again! There are so many benefits to raised garden beds that I just simply cannot go back to traditional planting. I hope that after I have explained my opinion on raised garden beds, you too will give it a try and enjoy all of the benefits that they have to offer.

Fist of all I would like to expound on the fact that raised garden beds make the impossible, well, POSSIBLE. You can plant a garden practically anywhere if you are using a raised garden bed. If the soil in your yard is too clay or too sandy, have no fear! You can simply place a raised garden bed box on top of your infertile soil and fill it with choice planting material, and viola, an instant prime gardening location. You may just choose to have a deeper box, so the roots may be able to have sufficient room to grow.

Having raised garden beds can also save you space. Studies have been taken to see how much produce can be grown in a raised garden bed with a square foot planting method versus the traditional ground row type of gardening and the results were surprising. Statistically, they have shown that raised garden beds produce almost double the amount of produce per square foot than the traditional row gardening method! Why? Because not only does square foot gardening save space ( you can easily plant closer together because you do not need a place to step in your raised garden beds), but the plants grow so much better and healthier in raised garden beds because they allow for more air to get to the roots because soil compaction is reduced, they provide proper drainage, and the possibility for a higher quality soil and growing condition. So, you can get more produce out of a smaller area by planing your garden in raised garden beds!

The next advantage to raised garden beds that I would like to talk about, is their convenience. Having your plants higher makes tending your garden so much more easier! The raised garden beds bring your garden up to a back saving level so you can plant, weed, and harvest without bending so far down or getting on your knees! I have even pulled up a small bench or stool to sit and weed and to pick my radishes and carrots with ease. If you have any health problems that limit your physical abilities, having raised garden beds make gardening possible!

Raised garden beds are very versatile and can be bought as a kit or you can custom make them to fit your specific desires. They can be made of various materials. I prefer wood as my building material choice for my raised garden beds.The best choice of wood for your raised garden beds is cedar because it repels pests and is weather hardy.

There are so many advantages to gardening in raised garden beds. I hope you too will give it a try and receive their awesome benefits!
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