Swimming For Weight Loss and Fitness

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Swimming is a low impact exercise that will get you in shape and losing weight.
Even if someone does not know how mot swim a pool can still be used to help them fit.
Water aerobics are one of the most popular activities for obese and over weight people since the water creates buoyancy and supports the extra weight while allowing them to move around.
For those that already know how to swim, the lap pool will do wonders for helping them lose weight and work on their fitness.
Water aerobics are a fun activity that does not require swimming per se.
Most of the exercises done are above the water.
Movements can include running, jumping, leg raises, arm raises and others that use the water's natural resistance to help build muscle tone.
Faster movements will begin to work on a person's cardiovascular system.
Most classes last for an hour and you can expect to see people of all sizes and ages attending them.
Lap pools are great for losing weight.
If the person knows how to perform various strokes like freestyle and breaststroke they can really get in a great workout without the impact of an activity like running.
Swimming is great for people that have injuries that hinder them from more rigorous activities like the aforementioned running, cycling, weight lifting and other muscle toning and cardio exercises.
Like most physical activities the beginner will have to build up their stamina over time.
They may only be able to swim 400 meters the first time in the pool.
But the next time they go they should strive to swim 425 meters.
Distance will build stamina.
If you hope to swim for fitness for an hour perhaps you will achieve over 1,000 meters.
Maybe if you can already do 1,000 meters you will hope to reduce the time it takes to complete that goal.
Like many sports time and distance are what counts when getting in shape.
It may be of value for the swimmer to utilize a heart rate monitor to ensure they are staying within a zone that maximizes their efforts.
Simply floating down to the other side with your heart rate barely pumping really will not do much for your weight loss and fitness goals.
But if you maintain a Zone 3 or even 4 for the duration of the swim then you will know that you are achieving your goal.
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