Facebook Fan Page Guidelines

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    Voice and Purpose

    • A mostly internal, behind-the-scenes guideline, the creator and administrator of a fan page must determine the way the page will interact with fans. Some fan pages find a more formal voice works well to portray the company or personality, while others offer a more relaxed, casual style of communication. What type of communication matters, too, as some fan pages take the time to address customer complaints, while others direct these negative comments to a more discrete, less-public resolution.

    Provide Contact Information

    • Once it's established what will and won't be discussed on the fan page, you must give your fans a way to contact someone to address the topics not covered. The contact information doesn't need to list a specific individual for resolution and could simply point fans to the company's official website, an email address or even another Facebook page.

    Expectation From Fans

    • With such a varied range of people visiting the page, with different ideas, backgrounds and beliefs, conflict and inappropriate comments tend to appear. To continue smooth relations with the general public, create guidelines to inform visiting fans what's expected of them while posting on your page. Simple, general page guidelines can include "no profane, inappropriate or off-topic comments or insults will be tolerated" as well as reminders of courteous behavior.

    Consequences of Misconduct

    • A fan page guideline that goes hand in hand with the "what we expect from you" list is the list of admin-controlled consequences for what happens when the page's rules are broken. You can warn that "Offensive comments will be removed and a warning issued to offending posters" to remind fans to keep things civil. If situations continue to arise, or escalate, you can remove and block problematic fans from accessing and posting on the page.

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