How to Redo a Bathroom for Cheap

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    • 1). Clean the bathroom from top to bottom. Cleaning products are inexpensive, and seeing the room clean will help you decide what can be reused and what needs to be replaced. Organize the room and remove anything that does not need to be stored in the bathroom.

    • 2). Draw up a basic design plan that includes all the changes that you want to make to the bathroom. Include a list of all the new items that need to be purchased to complete the design, along with the maximum price you are willing to pay for each item.

    • 3). Total the cost of all the items to get a rough estimate on how much the full bathroom redo will cost. Remove a few higher cost items from the list to bring the total down to within the budget, if necessary.

    • 4). Search for the pieces you need to complete the design by visiting thrift stores, discount stores and the scratch and dent closeout tables at the hardware store. Keep the design list on you while you shop and draw a line through any items you have already found. Chooses pieces that are at or below your price estimate to stay within budget.

    • 5). Replace the existing items in the bathroom a few at a time as you find them at a reasonable price. Stay selective on the big ticket items so you are satisfied with how the money was spent on the bathroom redo.

    • 6). Continue to reference the original design ideas and update when items are replaced. Keep track of what you spend on each item to know how much room you have left in the budget to complete the redo. If you are frugal, you may be able to add items back in that were removed earlier for cost reasons.

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