A Guide to Sell Your Domain Name Quickly

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Everyday I read this question on different forums "how I sell my domain quickly?" To me earning huge income from domain and selling it quickly are two different things, and you have to select one.
Many newbie register a domain in the hope that next day someone will purchase it in two million dollars, which is obviously nonsense.
If you are not successful in domain business, forget everything you know about domain trading and start a fresh in a scientific way.
Now I explain the whole thing step by step.
Domain Acquisition Always try to backorder an expired domain instead of registering a new one.
Expired domains are already listed on search engines and most have some traffic so you can sell them on high price.
If you have registered a new domain the maximum sale price of this domain will be 60$.
Never ask too much for your domain If you want to sell your domain on an auction never ask too much in the beginning.
Your customer will feel very freaky when (s)he will see the price tag of 10000$ for a domain which has a no traffic.
But there are some exceptions to this rule specially if your domain is already receiving 100,000 hits a month then ball is in your court you can demand anything for it.
Domains with low or now traffic as I said shouldn't ask too much in the beginning.
Sell domain and website together In domain name industry supply is far much then demand.
Selling website with domain add a good value to your domain.
If someone want to start a forum first of all he will purchase domain ,hostingand setting up forum application.
But if you are giving everything in a single price there is highly possibility of your domain sale.
Sell Domain as a package Sometimes including different kinds of goodies with domain works really well.
Few days before I sold a domain name flirtme.
I included my reseller package with it which contain ebooks, scripts and software and sold whole stuff in 50$ within a week of domain registration.
Words are most important If you are going to register a domain, make sure you have proper combination of words.
For example, I registered a domain learnwinvista.
com two days before everyone can easily remember it but if I use words such 456vis.
com or vistre34.
com I am sure it took me many months to sell this kind of domains.
So domains which can be remembered easily has great chances of sell quickly Payment Mechanism You should ask to your client which payment he wants to use.
Try to avoid Paypal because it is not universal.
Many people loss sales because of Paypal.
Storm pay and Ikobo are good alternatives.
Another way is to use your own credit card processing facility such as worldpay.
But the best solution is to use sedo.
List your domain on sedo.
com its totally free they will receive payment and transfer it to your bank account.
But your minimum sale price should be 60$ mans you can't sell your domain less than 60$.
Besides selling domain with sedo will give your customer the piece of mind that there are no chances of fraud.
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