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Acne is something that has been lowering the self-esteem of both young and older people for a very long time already. And a lot of people have tried to come up with all kinds of miracle cures for acne but so far most of them are pretty unknown.

But that doesn't mean there isn't anything you could do to minimize your acne or even to get rid of it entirely, overnight. There are a lot of things that you can do in order to get rid of your acne overnight. Now if you're suffering from severe acne breakouts then it might be pretty hard to get rid of all the acne overnight but with the 7 tips I will list in this article you will at least be able to get rid of some of it, if not even most of your acne.

First I'm going to explain to you shortly what acne is and what causes it... in order for you to understand what you can do to get rid of acne overnight.

Acne is for the most part a result of a clogged pore in your skin. If for example you have very dirty skin, your pores might get clogged. Another thing that causes your pores to get clogged is overflow of an oil in your skin called sebum [see-bum]. And what creates the inflamed breakout on the outside, is when the bacteria called P.acne get's attracted to this clogged pore and multiplies in the clogged pore... it gets inflamed and shows an ugly red, hot pimple on the outside.

So for example the reason teenagers get acne is because their hormones increase the production of this oil sebum which then causes more pores to get clogged.

So now that you have a small clue about what causes acne... let's get into what you can do to get rid of acne overnight.

1. Stop touching your face!

If you'd realize how often you touch your face, you'll feel almost downright feral. We all know that we touch almost anywhere with our hands. We shake hands with different people all the time, we grab door knobs, we touch the dirty ground... I mean I could go on forever. This of course causes all this dirt and all these bacteria from everywhere to get stuck on your face. Now I think we all understand that this is not very good for your acne condition. So all you need to do is to try and think about how often you touch your face and then try to avoid touching it when you feel your hands getting closer to your face.

2. Wash your face twice a day.

Most people think washing your face like a maniac is great for your skin. It does sound logical of course that the more you wash the cleaner it gets, but like with everything else in this world. Take things in moderation. Because if you wash your face more than twice a day you will wipe off too much of the oil sebum from your face which then again is bad for your facial appearance.

3. Want to get rid of acne overnight? Then go jogging today!

Working out is good for so many reasons... so if you're not working out regularly already... please, for God's sake start. Working out is great for loosing weight, for relieving stress and it even gives you a great feeling afterwards. Try it, you'll see. But when we're talking about getting rid of acne, the stress relieving part in working out is something that you should pay attention to. Because when you stress, you're cells starts producing and releasing stress hormones like cortisol. Which then again prepares you for a "fight-or-flight" situation and this hormone increases your sebum production.

4. Shower immediately after working out. It'll kill your acne.

When you work out you sweat. At least if you work out correctly, you sweat. And when you sweat the sweat will be leaving your body through the pores in your skin. And as it does this it will also take with it dead skin cells that are blocking your pores. Now this is absolutely great. But then if you don't wash the sweat off pretty quickly after working out. It will evaporate and leave behind it both the dead skin cells and also the salt. Which then causes the recently opened pores to get blocked again... and then the bacteria P.acne will find itself to this blocked pore... and there, now you got even more acne then you had before working out.

5. Girls, when you use makeup, please use it right... or receive more acne overnight!

The thing with make up is that it's supposed to make you look better. For example by covering your acne or other not as nice looking parts of your face. Now this we all know. But there's one thing that truly has the opposite effect when using makeup. Leaving the makeup on, overnight. This is the best way for you to make sure that the next morning, you'll be needing more makeup than you had before you went to bed.

6. Try Benzoyl Peroxide.

Some people who have tried Benzoyl Peroxide have been able to get rid of acne with it. But it won't work perfectly for everyone. What Benzoyl Peroxide does is that it kills the P. acnes bacteria that caused the inflammation in the blocked pore. So what you do is that you apply the cream or lotion to the part of your face which had breakouts. There are prescription versions available with Benzoyl Peroxide but you can also get it in different lotions and creams that are sold over the counter.

7. When everything else fails... use a laser.

If nothing else has really worked for you, you can always go for laser treatment. What the laser does is that it produces heat beneath the skin's surface and damages your sebaceous glands (your sebaceous glands are the ones producing the oil sebum). But it doesn't damage the surface of the skin however. This is very effective but remember that it can be a little painful or uncomfortable and you might be experiencing some swelling for a day or so too.

Well there you had it. 7 ways to get rid of acne overnight. Now I suggest you start applying this right away, because if you apply all or at least most of these tips to your life today... you will see a clear difference in your skin when you wake up tomorrow morning.

I am certain that these tips will do as much for you as they have done for me and so many others before me. So please take action and become a more confident person by getting rid of your acne now!

Here's a link to a great website on how to get rid of acne overnight that I seriously recommend you have a look at.
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