Important Bounce House Safety Tips For Summer

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This summer many children will be playing outdoors. Besides sports, there are a number of activities that parents encourage outside of school. Particularly for young boys and girls, parents often make the decision to purchase an inflatable bounce house for use at home. While these outdoors toys are fun, parents should be aware of all the safety considerations before allowing their children to play inside of a bounce house.

Inflatable bounce houses are rather large outdoor toys that are made of vinyl that has been stitched together to hold air. A special blower is used to fill the deflated bounce house with air so that children may play inside of it. All bounce houses have occupancy and weight limits, so be sure to review this information before making any purchase. If you already own a bounce house, be sure to follow the manufacturers guidelines as rapid deflation due of excessive weight limits could potentially scare the children that are trapped inside.

Unfortunately, many older bounce house models in use have actually been recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Parents should routinely check the CPSC recalls page to make certain that all of the toys their children are playing with are indeed safe. Besides faulty blowers, many older inflatable bounce houses were made of vinyl that contains elevated levels of lead. Such issues are alarming to any concerned parent, including myself.

To avoid the problems associated with older models, it is wise to order a new bounce house for use at home. All new models must comply with the latest safety standards and offer the greatest protection for the children that play inside and the others who may be standing around the inflated unit while in use. Newer safety features include anchors that are designed to secure the bounce house to the lawn, which is especially helpful if a gust of wind occurs and tries to overturn the bounce house. Other safety features include an inline GFI switch to reduce the risk of an electrical shock originating from the blower.

Obviously when you inflate a large object at home, you must make sure that no overhead hazards exist. Tree branches can pierce the vinyl and cause a hole for the air to be released from and electrical lines can cause fatalities if it comes into contact with the bounce house. Additionally, children should never take sharp objects into their bounce house as such objects may scratch other occupants or cause a tear that results in rapid deflation.

Especially during the summer, it is important that kids are able to go outside and play. Not only do they get much needed exercise this way, but they also tend to sleep much better at night when their day is filled with activities. Although bounce houses are fun, there are many other great outdoor toys that kids can play with too. Other toys for children can be found at ToysRUs or another toy retailer. For rainy days, when kids are unable to play outside, consider a nice family game that everyone will enjoy.
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