Getting More Twitter Followers – Tips and Tricks

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Social media marketing has become the most popular method of online advertising. One of these social media sites is Twitter. When Twitter was first introduced, only few people knew how to use it but now a lot of people have discovered its importance and learned the effective methods of using Twitter. Twitter allows you to post short and concise updates or "tweets." These updates maybe about your personal life or about your business. As a business owner, Twitter is a very important marketing tool because you can inform the world about your products and services, new promotions, policy changes or to gather customer feedback and suggestions.

Twitter being one of the most widely used social media platform which currently has more than 175 million users is an indispensable tool for an online business. Since this is a numbers game, the more followers on Twitter you have, the more popular you or your business will become.

Here are some ways on how to get more followers on Twitter:

1. Tweet valuable information. If you want to get the number of followers you want, you need to provide information that would be of value to your readers so that they will take you seriously. When you tweet, people will notice your profile and help you create stronger online presence. Your tweets could be interesting or controversial topics, open-ended questions or humorous statements. Your tweets should not necessarily be about your business all the time.

2. Create a page bio that will leave very good impact to your readers. Your profile bio is important to make an impression and since most of your followers do not know you or your business, put plenty of thought in writing a good bio. Your bio should be interesting and appealing so that your followers will also be on standby to read about your tweets.

3. Follow all of your followers. Because you want to get more followers, you should always check your account and immediately follow back those that have requested to follow you. If they have realized that you have not followed back after a few days, they will stop following you.

4. Promote retweets. When you tweeted on something and your followers liked it, they repeat it as being their own tweets while giving you credit and this is called a retweet. Your tweets need to be interesting enough to compel people to retweet. There are high chances that the followers of those who retweeted your tweets will also follow your Twitter page. This is a good way of getting more followers.

5. Add photos and videos to your tweets. Interesting photos and videos are great ways to get more attention. For example, if you are launching a new product, including a picture in your tweet will give people an idea of what to expect.

6. Participate on the latest trending issues. Trending topics have the most conversation on Twitter. Once you locate trending issues related to your business, participate right away. You can look them up at

Twitter can no doubt help grow your business by increasing your online presence. Aside from having 175 million plus users, it is free that is why you should take advantage of this invaluable marketing tool. But if you have no time to manage your Twitter as well as other social media accounts, put them in the hands of professionals.

For more information on how to get more followers on Twitter or if you need help maintaining your social media accounts, please visit: [].

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