N64 Madden 2002 Cheats

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    Random Team Selection

    • If you're not sure which team to select during Exhibition Mode, you can always leave it up to chance. Press the "L" button to randomize the visiting team, and press the "R" button to randomize the home team.

    Quarterback Sacks Made Easy

    • A good way to stop the offense is by continually sacking their quarterback before he gets rid of the ball. Not only does this cost your opponent a play, but it also results in a loss of field position as well. Choose any defensive play in your playbook and wait until all your players line up. Move your right end all the way to the other side of the line and past the left end. As soon as the ball is snapped, use this guy to rush the quarterback. If no tight end is lined up on that side, you'll be able to run uncontested to the quarterback and make the sack nearly every time. If there is a tight end in the way, your defensive player should be able to knock him down and out of the way with little effort.

    Acquiring Tokens

    • Tokens are used in "Madden NFL 2002" to purchase packs of Madden Cards. Collecting these cards will unlock new teams, legendary players and in-game cheats. Tokens aren't easy to come by, however, because there are only a few ways you can acquire them. Complete all of the Madden Challenges on each difficulty level to accumulate a lot of tokens. Another way to rack up a lot of tokens is by running through every play in your playbook during Training Mode. After spending your accumulated tokens on card packs, you're bound to come up with several duplicates. You can sell these duplicates for more tokens, which can then be used to buy even more card packs.

    Use Madden Cards Without Losing Them

    • Some Madden Cards can be used during a game, such as the "1st and 20," "Generous Marking," "Eye Ball" and "Sticky Fingers" cheat cards. After using a card during play it will normally be taken away from your collection, but you can work around this simply by not saving your profile at the end of the game.

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