Compound Mitre Saw Safety

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    Proper Clothing

    • Wearing any piece of clothing that unnecessarily hangs off the body may get caught in the saw blade or any of its moving parts. Wear tight-fitting clothing that is comfortable and does not constrict the body. Long necklaces, watches, bracelets and other accessories should be taken off.

    Safety Equipment

    • Shrapnel may cut into any piece of the body. That is why safety equipment should be worn at all times. Wear a pair of safety goggles. Safety glasses are not recommended because they do not fully shield the eyes. Gloves should be worn to protect the hands. A dust mask fully covering the mouth will prevent anything from going inside.

    Workspace Safety

    • Secure the saw to a work table or make sure it will not move. If the saw shakes or moves even the slightest bit, it will be hazardous. If the saw has mounting holes, screw it to the work table. If it does not have mounting holes, clamp it down.

    Saw Safety

    • Inspect the blade for any missing teeth or any bends. If either are prevalent in the saw, the blade needs replaced. Check the power cord for any holes that are exposing the internal wires. If the saw is turned on while internal wires are exposed, it may cause electrocution or fire.

    During Use

    • Make sure no one is near the saw during use. While cutting, firmly hold the material with one hand while pushing the saw blade through it with the other hand. Cut at a medium pace. Going too fast or slow will cause a sloppy cut.

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