How Hard is to Become a Model?

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So you want to become a model but you don't think you have what it takes because you are too fat, too old, too ugly, too short etc etc.
When most people think of models they think of Kate Moss, Naomi Cambell,  Carmen Kass, Heidi Klum, Elle McPherson and other famous "supermodels".
There are also other famous models such as Pamela Anderson Isabeli Fontana, Natalia Vodianova, the list goes on and on.
Yes these are all famous and beautiful women and obviously their looks played a major part in the work they do and the fame they achieved.
If these women didn't look they way they do would they have become so famous and such big earners as models?, probably not but they could have still made a good living from modeling.
You are probably wondering how you could possibly make a living as a model, male or female, if you don't have a great body and drop dead gorgeous looks.
Well the simple fact is that there is much much more to modeling than just cat walk, glamour or fashion.
How many times do you see adverts on TV for hair products, teeth, nails, hands, eyes etc, well these all had to have models to promote the product.
Lets say you are not 6ft 2in tall and you do not have the best shaped face but you have the most amazing hair or maybe your teeth are dead straight and white as snow well then this is what you use to make a good living.
There is a famous drag queen in England called Lily Savage and the man behind her, Paul O'Grady actually got the job of promoting Stockings for Pretty Polly.
Now this is someone everyone knows is a man yet he was able to get the contract because he had amazing legs.
Everyone has the opportunity to become a model you just need to think outside the box and think about what attributes you have that could be used.
How about feet, hands, bum, the list goes on and on so there is a market for most types of modeling.
OK so you have decided you have the best hands and nails around and feel you could get some work using them for modeling...
where do you begin?, the first things is to find an agency and this can be tricky as there are a lot of people out there ready to scam you.
Once you find a good agency they will be able to provide you with some photographers to get your portfolio together, again you need to be careful as you could easily get ripped off here as well.
There is a lot involved and no one said it would be easy, nothing worth having is, but with the right help you can make a good living as a model.
The only thing stopping you is, well...
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