The Seville Parks

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Seville is a beautiful and fertile land in Spain and the city of Seville has its importance for many reasons. This beautiful city is packed with orange trees and during the spring season you will feel smell of orange blossom in the whole atmosphere of the city. This city was once ruled by Arabs and this was the time when the agriculture sector in the city improved a lot. There are many wonderful gardens in this wonderful city and all are worth watching.

Seville is among the best tourist detonations of Spain. This city is located towards the South-East side of Spain and it is the capital city of the province. The population of this city is about seven hundred thousand and this means that almost half of the population of total province lives in Seville. This lovely city is situated along the famous Guadalquivir River which flows with in the city from North towards the South. This river flows along the city and end up in Atlantic Ocean near Sanlucar de Barrameda.

Following are some of the best parks in Seville:

Park Maria Luisa:

Park Maria Luisa is among the largest parks in Seville and it is located on an area of around less than five hundred thousand meters. This park was built originally for San Telmo's palace during 1929 when this city hosted the famous Exhibition of Latin America. This famous park was built by the popular French artist, Forestier.

Park Murillo:

Park Murillo is another great landmark of Seville as this park has its boundary wall adjusted with the popular Alcazar Garden and the near by Santa Cruz. The park was built mostly in the traditional style of Seville containing many plants and pergolas. Most of the work in this park is done with the use of ceramic and number of bed flowers is also the landmarks of this park. You should also visit the adjacent park called Valle Garden.

Garden of Delights:

This park is a beautiful place in Seville and you can easily reach to Garden of Delights via different bus routes. This park is also known as Parque de las Delicias for the variety of activities it has for the visitors.

The people that like to explore the contributions of Jose Gabriel always head towards Alicante because they find useful information about him in this city. Pasaje de Am©rigo is a great source of inspiration not only for such people rather it's a gift to all the visitors coming to the city. There are some other places in the city worth visiting apart from this passage.

Alamillo Park:

In 1992, this city hosted the popular 92 Expo and the city authorities planted many gardens in Seville with the right side of the Guadalquivir River. Alamillo Park was planted at that time.

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