A Guide to Malaga Airport

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The Malaga Airport is a good 8-kilometer ride to the city center.
This airport primarily serves the visitors and travelers to Costa del Sol.
There are two terminals at here and plans for a third one is already underway.
Needless to day, all the facilities a traveler that may need can be found right here.
There is even a museum for foreign and local travelers that are always available for them to appreciate.
To travel from the airport to your actual point of destination, the airport bus service or a taxi is available for you.
The buses at the airport could take you to Marbella.
From there, you could get to any other point as there are lots of other bus lines that can take you to certain the nearby cities of Spain.
Via a bus, a 45 minute travel time should be allotted for to get to the bus station in Marbella.
The taxis run from the airport to almost any point of Spain.
However, you must know a little Spanish because not all drivers can speak English or any other language for that matter.
Taxis can be hailed from the passengers' area of the airport.
If it is not the peak season, the taxis are parked and waiting for passengers.
As an additional option, you can also take the airport train to get to either Fuengirola or Malaga City.
However, the best way to get to around Spain is with your own car.
It is possible even for foreign travelers to hire a car in this part of Spain by simply showing their national driver's license and other necessary documents to the car rental company.
For added convenience, there are online car hire portals that can facilitate your reservation.
Using them is the better option, as you are guaranteed to have the car that you want waiting for you at the airport's parking lot.
Hire a car prior to arrival so that you can have not just convenience during your trip but the luxury to stop at all the beautiful sights that you pass along the way as you head downtown and towards all the beautiful places of Spain.
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