How to Become an Insurance Broker in Canada

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    • 1). Contact the Financial Services Commission in the province in which you hope to practice for licensing guidelines. Though licensing requirements vary, according to the Insurance Brokers Association of Canada (IBAC), there's no specific education requirement for brokers. University-level business classes may help you gain knowledge that could be helpful to your career, according to IBAC.

    • 2). Pass the licensing exam required by your province. The Financial Services Commission will give you details about registering and preparing for the exam. The provincial IBAC chapter in your area can also give you test advice and study recommendations specific to the exam you're taking. This chapter can also offer insurance courses that may be useful as you prepare for the test.

    • 3). Apply for a broker's license according to the procedure in your province. Though the specific procedure varies, expect to complete an application, provide proof of your exam scores and pay a fee. Obtain the relevant application from the province's Financial Services Commission. The commission will also advise you when licenses must be renewed and what continuing-education requirements you must meet to keep your license current.

    • 4). Begin working. According to the IBAC, licensed brokers can work independently, selling products from several different insurance companies, or they can work for an established insurance brokerage.

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