How to Create a Live Wig

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  • 1). Wash and condition your natural hair. Dry your hair with a clean towel. Short hair or a bald head is ideal for securing a wig to your head.

  • 2). Comb and smooth your hair backwards until your front hair line is visible.

  • 3). Fit the mono-filament wig cap on top of your head. Align the front edge of the cap with the front of your hair line. Draw a line (or ask an assistant to draw a line) onto the cap around the bottom edge of the wig -- around the back side of the head and neckline. The line on the cap will resemble at "U" shape. Purchase a wig cap where wigs are sold.

  • 4). Measure upwards four inches from the "U" shaped line. Draw another line in an identical manner. Measure upwards around four inches and repeat. Repeat once more. You now have four evenly spaced "U" shaped lines on the cap. Remove the cap from your head.

  • 5). Sew the elastic roots of 12-inch weft hair into the lower "U" shaped line -- the first line you drew -- until the entire line is covered with hair.

  • 6). Move up to the second line. Sew 14-inch weft hair into the second line in an identical manner as the 12-inch hair. Move up to the third line and repeat with the 18-inch hair. Sew the 22-inch hair into the top line.

  • 7). Brush the underside rim of the wig cap with spirit gum liquid adhesive, available at most wig or costume shops. Fit and bond the wig atop your head. Press the edges of the wig into your skin for 45 seconds until the bond is secure. Apply liquid adhesive only to areas of the cap where the underside will directly touch your skin.

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