How England Can Stop Failing At Major Tournaments And Improve

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The biggest challenge to the development of English players is the premier league.
Imposing a quota on foreign players would be good but this may have a huge financial impact on the premier league.
It must be handled in a smart way to avoid resistance from the club owners and other stake holders.
The FA can impose a quota of two English players per team in every league game.
This may meet stiff resistance from European Union.
The British government can give all English players below 20 years a tax waiver on their wages.
This will make the English players cheaper to recruit and employ for the first few years of their football career.
The club owners will also make savings by using English players.
The approach used in training young English players should be revised to encourage the introduction of technical skills at a tender age.
Many English clubs can borrow an idea from Manchester United's youth training system famously referred to us the chocolate factory where players are introduced to both technical and physical skills at an early age.
It took Manchester United two champions' league losses to come to realize that the skills exhibited by Barcelona were easier to learn right from an early age.
Sir Alex Ferguson has since embarked on rebuilding his squad by promoting young players coming through the ranks.
The good news for England is that most of them are English.
The FA should not stop at applauding Ferguson for this good gesture; it should encourage other clubs to promote young English players especially the top ones.
This will increase the pool of players available for team selection.
The FA should urge the top clubs to recruit more English players so that they can gain valuable champions league experience.
It can support the proposed 5/6 rule that advocates for giving domestic players an opportunity of having 5 or 6 starting players in every champions league game.
The FA should encourage club owners to employ more English coaches.
There is enough evidence to support the notion that foreign coaches have a tendency of recruiting many players from their native countries.
Arsene Wenger until recently liked recruiting French players.
Rafa Benitez also preferred Spanish players during his time at Liverpool.
Sir Alex Ferguson favours grooming English players because he thinks they never feel homesick and they tend to be loyal to the club.
Therefore if many English managers are employed by top clubs, the native players may be given more first team opportunities at their respective clubs.
Discipline and respect for opposition players and match officials must be improved and observed by English players because the few fine players that they have are always been caught up in scenarios that put England's preparations in jeopardy.
John Terry has attracted negative publicity in his last three major outings, namely: World cup 2010, UEFA champions league final 2012 and Euro 2012.
These unnecessary behaviors keep interrupting team preparations.
The FA should encourage the premier league chiefs to scale down on the physical nature of the league.
This will reduce the number of injuries suffered and increase the number of players available for team selection.
It will also discourage other players from being too physical towards English players during International friendly matches and tournaments.
Dries Mertens' push on Gary Cahil might have been prompted by the premier league's reputation of being too physical.
England has exciting young players like Jack Wilshere, Tom Cleverly, Danny Welbeck, Oxlade-Chamberlain and Phil Jones who are gaining valuable first team experience at club level.
The FA should put in place other policies and incentives to ensure that this production line is increased so that the England manager has very many exciting players available for team selection.
This will improve on England's chances of winning major trophies like FIFA world cup in the future.
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