Why Does My Internet Die When FrostWire Turns On?

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    How It Happens

    • When you open FrostWire, or any other P2P application, your computer becomes a host to anyone else who would like to download a file that you are sharing. Several people may download several files from you at once, which in itself can cripple your Internet connection. If you are also downloading a file at the same time, this may noticeably impact Internet speed by taking up large amounts of available bandwidth.


    • Bandwidth is a term most often used to describe the amount of information that can be transferred from one point to another. Bandwidth generally depends on your Internet speed and any downloads or uploads happening on your machine will affect bandwidth. By opening FrostWire, you become a potential host to dozens of downloads, and if they are consuming all of your bandwidth, you may have very little left over to do anything else on the Internet.

    Take Control of Your Speed

    • While it may seem sensible to download what you need then exit the program to conserve bandwidth, you have to understand how file sharing works. If everyone used the network in that way, there would be no hosts to download anything from. Instead, set limits within the program by opening FrostWire, and going to Tools > Options. Then set a value, such as 100 kb/s.

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