A Freelance Web Designer's Annual Salary

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    Nature of the Work

    • Freelance Web designers act as both a designer and a business manager. On the design end, you will create and maintain websites that suit a client's needs. Clients come in many forms, and you have the opportunity to create several styles of websites, including business sites, sales sites or blogs. As a freelancer, you must create your own business schedule and hours, market yourself and handle the accounting end, including billing clients and collecting payments.

    Average Salary

    • Working in a freelance capacity, you will earn income on a per project basis, and not a set salary. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics considers Web design a branch of graphic design. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that as of 2008, graphic designers made an average of $26,110 to $74,660. Simply Hired reports that as of 2011, freelance Web designers made an average of $56,000 annually.

    Salary Exceptions

    • Freelance Web designers with a high level of education or hands-on experience can earn more than new designers with little experience. If you have a bachelor's degree in art or a computer-related field, you may be able to charge more for your work. As you gain more hands-on experience and build a larger portfolio, you'll increase your clientele and can charge more for your services.

    Other Considerations

    • As freelance Web designers are independent workers, they do not receive a set annual salary from one company. Your personal success will factor heavily into your revenue from year to year. Since you will not work on a set schedule, you will face both busy periods and dry spells throughout the year, all of which you must factor into your total annual salary.

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