The Next Music Revolution

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Last week they were playing Bob Dylan on the radio, and as I listened to him mumbling out the saddest song, I cried.
This is crazy, because I was never even such a fan.
I have no regrets about that- going through his work, I couldn't help but think, what's the big deal? I mean, he must be putting that on, no one could understand that.
Now all is forgiven, and he makes me cry.
Maybe I'm just getting old and sentimental but these days I'm touched by the music.
Not like when I was seventeen, when the music told me what I was feeling,in a more mature way, where I hide in the car, sobbing.
I guess that's what the point is - and its working because now I'm desperate to find that CD.
In the old days, I would have considered buying the album, occasionally splurging thirty dollars.
In these days of Illegal Music Downloading my stingynature is too strong.
Why should I pay thirty dollars when everyone else is getting it for free? But I have a few unfortunate ethical problems with stealing music off the internet so in the end I usually end up with nothing but the car radio.
But times they are a-changin'.
A friend told me I can now legally download free music but now I'm really in trouble.
It's not the money, and its not the ethics.
I have to finally admit I still haven't figured out how to use the computer.
Actually I'mstill waiting for truly user friendly software which basically doesit ALL for me.
I mean, isn't that the purpose of computers? If they're so smart, what do they need me for? Why can't I just mutter to the monitor, "Download that song I heard the other day, will you? I forget the name but the chorus goes like this, kind of...
" Surely they see that we are a whole untapped technophobic market? And even if it's only five or ten percent of the population, that must be a huge number.
Anyway, my point is this- if even I'm about to start downloading free music, then I guess everyone will be doing it.
How will this affect the world? It's basically a revolution, it will change everything.
Music has the power to affect us individually, and politically.
Music helps us to feel, think and relate to each other.
When the music changes, everything changes.
Historically, the music industry has been held ransom by the market (of fourteen year old girls and ruthless record producers.
So how is that about to change? Firstly, the demographics.
We will see a broader market, enjoying unlimited access to all genres of music.
If we are lucky, we might see the end of the era of Britney clones (perhaps sacrificial style, ala South Park).
At the very least we will see a resurgence of quality music as other consumer groups re-enter the market place.
In the end perhaps it's not the style of music that really matters.
The important thing is that more people, of many ages will be listening to a broader range of music.
If the whole world is getting into their favorite music we might just chill out a bit and start thinking about what's really important again - chics, cars and drugs !
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