How to Tell If He Truly Wants a Relationship

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When it comes to men, they can be rather tricky to understand.
Many women who are currently with a guy are unsure if he wants a relationship or if it is just a one night stand.
It's hard to know when a guy likes you so here are a few tips that can help you understand that guy you like or, if you are currently with a man, to help tell what he wants with you.
Listed below are 4 sure fire ways to help you understand your man, and remember that if any of the following happens, your man may be on the verge of asking you out or taking your friendship to the next level.
He talks If you hear that he has been talking about you to mutual friends or if he is saying that he wants to know you more and learn more about whom you are, this is a sign.
He may say that he is "just wondering" but the truth is that he likes you more than just a friend and if he tells his friends that he finds you attractive, he is hoping that somehow you will find out.
Your Conversation When the two of you are talking, does he get a little closer to you than normal? This indicates that he likes you and he may seem to be paying extra attention to things you have to say.
What he really wants to know is if you are free or if you are currently with someone else.
He wants to hear you say that you aren't with anyone else so he can ask you out.
If he does not directly ask you, he may ask someone else that you know.
The Look If he looks at you differently than he usually would, this may be a signal that he wants to take things to the next level.
If you are out and he notices you from across the way, his look may be all you need to get the hint.
His eyes may meet yours and you may notice a slight smile on his face.
He Shows Up Unexpectedly If he just appears this is a sign that he likes you.
The only way for him to appear in places you are at the same time is if he knows your schedule from your friends or mutual friends.
He may also have studied your schedule a few days to know where you go and what time you go.
You may notice that he may seem a bit shy but this is to avoid what he obviously wants to say which is that he is interested in you.
Smile and talk to him if you are interested in him as well.
These are just the top 4 signs to tell what he is thinking or wanting with you.
Use these as a guide and see where you two match up next to these signs.
Don't make it too hard for him to begin a relationship with you.
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