How to Help Someone With Asthma

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    • 1). Find out what triggers their asthma attacks. For some it may be dust, animal hair or even a certain cleaning supply. Help them stay safe and steer clear from things that may trigger their attack.

    • 2). Look at their log if they are having an attack. Most people with asthma keep a log book and a peak flow meter so they can log how they are breathing. If their log book has had a low number for the last few days then you should bring them into the ER immediately so they can help monitor their breathing.

    • 3). Get the person that is having an asthma attack to a comfortable sitting position. Most people with asthma agree that it is easily to be in a sitting position than lying because of the air flow.

    • 4). Reach for their inhaler immediately. Almost everyone with asthma carries an inhaler with them. Look through their coat pocket or in their purse for an inhaler and help them use it. The person that is having the asthma attack may not be able to talk so it is important to look on the inhaler to see how many puffs they should get. Tell them when you are going to give them the puff so they can know when they should breathe in.

    • 5). Talk to the person having the asthma attack in a calm and reassuring voice letting them know that everything is going to be OK. If you are freaking out about the situation they will be able to sense it in your voice and do the same, which is not good for their asthma

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