Stern Unhappy With Researchers and New York Times Over Research On Referees

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NBA commissioner David Stern was quite critical about a study conducted on racial bias among the league officials and of New York Times for printing the study.
Stern was quite adamant that racism did not exist in the NBA.
He said that his major concern was that the study was wrong and with the researchers should have done more to ensure that their facts right.
The assistant professor of business and public policy at the University of Pennsylvania'a Wharton School, Justin Wolfers, and a Cornell graduate student in economics, Joseph Price, found that white referees called more fouls against black players than against white ones.
The study was conducted over a period of 13 years through 2004 and was based on information publicly available on box scores.
This information showed just the referees' names and but did divulge which referee made the call.
In response to Stern's criticism, Wolfers said that his job is to collate large amounts of information and data, study and analyze them, get the analysis in a public and professional domain and have it vetted.
Wolfers said that till now not even a single social scientist had criticized his findings.
Stern it appeared was more upset with the Times for publishing the study than Wolfers for conducting it.
After Wolfers analysis was published by the Times, the NBA sent their own study to him which was conducted recently over 2 1/2 period and this also included the name of the referee who made each call.
Wolfers presented his study at the annual meeting of the Society of Labor Economists in Chicago.
He is due to present it again at a meeting of the American Law and Economics Association.
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