How to Use Coca-Cola Collectibles to Decorate Your Kitchen

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    • 1). Pick a decorating theme that Coca-Cola fits with well. For example, your theme might be "retro '50's kitchen," "vintage soda shop" or "all American fun." This will help you select colors, accessories and pull together the overall design of the room.

    • 2). Design your kitchen color palette around red and white, Coca-Cola's famous color scheme. You might choose warm neutrals, like tan, off-white or brown, the color of the beverage itself, to balance and soften the red and white hues of Coca-Cola merchandise. Black will bring a sleek, modern look to the kitchen that helps the Coca-Cola products stand out, while blue shades can add an "Americana" feel.

    • 3). Select a spot to showcase the best of your collection. Use a shelving unit or feature the wall above the kitchen table as a place for the main exhibit of your most treasured collectibles. This should stand out as the focal point of the room.

    • 4). Add accent lighting to highlight your showcase with picture or art lights mounted above it. Or provide a framing device to draw attention to your collection. For example, add red curtains panels on either side of a collection on shelves. Surround collectible wall hangings with a large, ornate open frame or a stenciled design to draw attention to the collection.

    • 5). Group your collection in a pleasing way. Create balance by imagining a geometric shape, like a square or a triangle, on the wall behind the collection and arrange your hanging pieces to fit in and fill up that imaginary shape.

    • 6). Place larger items in back and smaller items in front on shelving. Arrange bottles, glasses and other figurines in a cluster or lined up in a neat, straight row. Mount collections of smaller items, such as bottle caps, bottle openers or pins, on a display board. Mount and frame printed artwork.

    • 7). Incorporate some additional elements around the room to tie in the Coca-Cola decorating scheme. These can be more Coca-Cola merchandise, such as refrigerator magnets or a clock or dish towels with the logo. Alternately, you can just use the colors, such as white painted cabinets, red appliances or a red-and-white checkered tablecloth.

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